New Zealand

1st trip: APRIL 5-13, 2013
2nd trip: NOVEMBER 18-DECEMBER 10, 2013
3rd trip: SEPTEMBER 10-23, 2015
4th trip & 1st training (!): NOVEMBER 1-8, 2015
Upcoming trip: MARCH 19-APRIL 9, 2016

Taranacki, New Zealand

Taranaki, New Zealand

Growing up, I loved (l-o-v-e-d) Lord of the Rings – so of course New Zealand held a certain fascination for me as the land of Middle Earth. But missions there? Eh. Perhaps I’d visit some day.

God had other ideas.

When I began planning what I thought was a four month ministry trip to Australia, OMS New Zealand expressed a desire to learn more about HOPE61 and how they could take part in our ministry. Though I’ve only spent a total of a month in the country, God has brought forth incredible possibilities for HOPE61 to flourish.

During my first year in the southern hemisphere, I connected with interested New Zealanders, introduced HOPE61 to potential missionaries, and proposed ministry partnership with churches.

There’s a three-tier, nine-point plan for the next few years but I won’t bore you with that. Instead, I’ll share that I will be committing longer periods of time to New Zealand as we seek for HOPE61 to conduct training and establish deeper relationships with the Church. As in Australia, God has given me a vision for equipping the men of the Church to prevent the demand for sex trafficking. Legal prostitution and pornograhy addictions — two issues that fuel demand — must be the first to be dealt with.

I love this country & can’t wait to see God imbue the New Zealander Church with a deep passion for justice, a desire to ambitiously advocate for real freedom, and a love of holiness!

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