First term: FEBRUARY 11, 2013 – FEBRUARY 1, 2014
Second term began: APRIL 29, 2015

My first kookaburra.

My first kookaburra.

Australia was never on my “To Do” list. Sure, I was up for visiting some day – but my concentration was on Europe. While I am still confident that God has called me to go to Europe, beginning with the Republic of Ireland, I am content to spend as much time in the southern hemisphere as He has planned. I’m now in the midst of a second term in Australia & New Zealand. This one is two years.

I won’t bore you with the details of our three-tier, nine-point plan. (Unless you want to know, because I love plans and I love to share them!) I’ll just share that in year 1, I was the sole HOPE61 worker in Australia & New Zealand. I spent the year networking and exploring what God may have planned for us. As I learned the culture and was introduced to issues by Australians and New Zealanders, I gained a vision to equip the men of the Church to prevent the demand for sex trafficking by addressing legal prostitution & pornography addictions.

Now, HOPE61 Australia is moving into a period of growth and ministry stabilization. In 2015 we pray we can formalize partnerships, conduct training, and begin to see Australian Christian men equipped to prevent human trafficking.

May God bless the men of the Australian Church with courage to stand up against the turning of the tide, a passion for holiness, and a true dedication to the abolition of the modern day slave trade.

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