I began serving with OMS in the US: MAY 13, 2011 – FEBRUARY 10, 2013
(First funding trip after serving overseas: February 2, 2014 – April 28, 2015)

In May 2011 I graduated from Houghton College and was accepted to serve in HOPE61 with One Mission Society (OMS). I began raising funds for missionary service (first assigned to the Philippines, then to Ireland (which was my calling for over 10 years), then back to the Philippines, then to Ireland, then to Australia & New Zealand…and one day in the future to Ireland!) by meeting at churches and individuals.

Before I left for Australia, I served at OMS world headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. As I prepared for overseas service I worked with HOPE61’s social media, did some writing & editing of HOPE61 materials, and learned a lot from the homeland staff. The only reason I’m able to do anything well overseas is thanks to them — supporting HOPE61 trainers serving in in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, South Korea, the South Pacific*, and beyond! (*security risk country)

While I never planned to serve as a missionary in America, even briefly, I’m grateful for what I learned there. I trust God to put me where He intends, when He intends, and to give me joy while He does.



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