So Many Nations, So Little Time

At this year’s Prayer & Planning Day, Ian, OMS Australia’s director, presented six countries with a significantly smaller evangelical Christian witness than Australia. While Spain, Ireland (Republic), Israel, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan are not the only places OMS Australia wants to send missionaries, … Continue reading

The Second Six Months: Grow

Last month I turned twenty six, and half of the year is gone. For my teammates and I the month of July also signals a change of direction. In January I shared my vision for the first half of the … Continue reading

Together Putting a Dent In Evil

How can anyone really make a dent in an evil as immense and pervasive as modern day slavery? By embracing your unique talents and abilities, then using them in whatever way you can. During my first year in Melbourne I … Continue reading

That’s the Kind

For months I looked forward to a mid-October visit from Tom, HOPE61‘s director. I looked forward to talking about the ministry details and challenges that are unique to HOPE61. And I looked forward to doing it in-person with another “HOPE61 … Continue reading

“For HOPE Thailand” & “What’s in a Name?”

August and September are preparation months. They are strategic months. They are administrative months. Because…October and November are happening, hip, scheduled months! Here’s what I/HOPE61 in Australia am/is up to. For HOPE Thailand (October 26) This is a fundraiser & … Continue reading