So Many Nations, So Little Time

At this year’s Prayer & Planning Day, Ian, OMS Australia’s director, presented six countries with a significantly smaller evangelical Christian witness than Australia. While Spain, Ireland (Republic), Israel, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan are not the only places OMS Australia wants to send missionaries, … Continue reading

That’s the Kind

For months I looked forward to a mid-October visit from Tom, HOPE61‘s director. I looked forward to talking about the ministry details and challenges that are unique to HOPE61. And I looked forward to doing it in-person with another “HOPE61 … Continue reading

Smelling Familiar

It was early this month when I smelled it. I came to this country in the heat of summer, a heat that drew everything out; intensifying smells and therefore my meeting them. But you know, we’ve been in winter. Scents … Continue reading

Moving Forward to Justice

The day I begin serving in Europe will be a beautiful day. No matter how awful the weather or frustrating the people I run into, it will be one of the best days. It will be a dream fulfilled. And … Continue reading

Church Multiplication in Melbourne

One of the best things about serving with HOPE61 “Down Under” is the opportunity to be a part of OMS Australia. I enjoy praying with the weekly prayer team on Thursday mornings, helping with events like OneWeekend, meeting missionaries sent … Continue reading