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HOPE61, a ministry of One Mission Society*, seeks to prevent human trafficking by raising awareness and equipping the Church around the world to reach the vulnerable. This includes those vulnerable to being trafficked, becoming traffickers, or fueling supply through demand.

>>HOPE61 recognizes that vulnerable communities need Jesus Christ more than any other thing.
>>HOPE61 has created an original training curriculum designed to inform groups of individuals or congregations about four types of human trafficking, enable them to recognize vulnerability, realize the depth of responsibility that believers have in preventing injustice, aids them in creating an action plan using current assets and resources they may have been unaware of, and more.

HOPE61 is present in various forms in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, USA, South Korea, India, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Mexico, and other parts of Asia; in the future we hope to serve in Mozambique, Spain, Colombia, and more.

Facebook – omshope61
Web Page – www.onemissionsociety.org/give/hope61


Emily’s note: Here in Australia & New Zealand ministry focuses on equipping men of the Church to prevent the demand for sex trafficking – especially in light of widespread pornography use and legalized prostitution. My job entails mobilizing Aussies & Kiwis to serve with HOPE61 in-country and abroad, building a network of contacts, and training individuals and churches using the HOPE61 curriculum, among other things.


*One Mission Society was founded in 1901 in Japan and now serves, both through nationals and foreign missionaries, in more than seventy countries around the world. OMS was founded on the principle that the most effective way to share Christ is by training a nation’s people to lead and multiply their churches. These principles, along with enabling ministries and compassion ministries, are the basis of a four-fold focus: intentional evangelism, church planting, strategic partnerships, and training leaders. 

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