I’m Emily,
a 20-something Christian missionary
focused on human trafficking prevention,
living between Australia & New Zealand
and not my native U.S.A.
I wear as many colors as I please,
listen to music most hours of the day,
and visit the forest whenever possible.

1996+: Years before I knew that slavery is still a problem He gave me a fierce desire for justice after I began learning about the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
1997: One Christmas evening God put a burden for Europe on my heart.
2009: Over months I learned about human trafficking and realized this was what He’d prepared me for.
2010: In a weekend He changed me and called me to be a missionary with One Mission Society (OMS), serving with HOPE61, OMS’ ministry of human trafficking prevention.
2011: Graduated from Houghton College. With OMS/HOPE61 I was assigned to Asia, and then, much to my joy, reassigned to Europe. Throughout this year I was fundraising.
2012: For technical reasons I was re-reassigned to Asia. I attended cross-cultural training and, just four days before the plane left, was told I didn’t have to go. (Much to my relief.) I served at OMS headquarters and prepared for a few months in Australia/New Zealand with my eye still on Europe.
2013: Australia/New Zealand ended up lasting the whole year. God spoke to me and said it would be a “long time” (Whatever that means!) until I serve Him in Europe.
2014: Two months of fundraising to return to Australia/New Zealand turned into a year and a half.
2015: In May all that hard work paid off and I returned to ministry in the southern hemisphere. More, both brilliant and difficult, happened than I expected!


2016: This year I want to be more intentional in coaching three new team members (1 Aussie, 2 Kiwis) and in seeing HOPE61 first strengthen (January-June) and then grow (July-December).

Check out THIS page to discover how to join my team; and don’t forget the FAQ page.
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NOTE: My posts are categorized by place, as place has meant so much in my life. Categories include: USA, Houghton, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland. Posts are marked according to place they are written about, or where I was located when I wrote.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Emily!!!!!!!!! :o)

    Since I temporarily deactivated my fb account, I figured to comment via your blog :o) So I just finished reading your latest post (Maps on the Wall) and was very encouraged to see what’s been going on in your life lately. Emily, I’m very excited for you to have made these connections and to be placed in such a wonderful ministry :o) Hearing about how God has worked in your life provided great encouragement and hope for me – so thank you for sharing this. I hope the best for you as you near your graduation date and fulfill your dreams for God :o)
    Love you!

    ~ Christine

  2. Hi Emily, I just wanted to thank you for posting a link to my blog on your homepage! Congrats on your impending graduation and I hope you get the job offers you’ve applied for :)

    -Heather (2summers)

  3. Hi Emily! Thank you for sharing your personal insight, thoughts and journey and fighting injustice. Ill love to hear more about Hope61 and your work there.

    I currently work with a site called TakePart.com and we always looking for small social actions and compelling stories to highlight. We recently launched an interactive calendar and program that helps individuals get involved with social causes and make doing a daily habit. http://www.takepart.com/30ways30days.

    I would love to hear of what you think fo the program. Cheers!

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