So Many Nations, So Little Time

At this year’s Prayer & Planning Day, Ian, OMS Australia’s director, presented six countries with a significantly smaller evangelical Christian witness than Australia. While Spain, Ireland (Republic), Israel, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan are not the only places OMS Australia wants to send missionaries, these nations have become goal posts for the team here. Ian urged OMS members, affiliates, and friends to make prayer a priority. We are gathering people to pray for these countries until OMS Australia has sent missionaries to all six of them. In early 2017 this vision will begin to be fulfilled when a young Australian family heads for Thailand.

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In addition to human trafficking prevention through HOPE61, my ministry here also entails working with OMS in a general capacity. Helping to coordinate events, editing and proofreading, sorting emails, and generally trying to be useful are all part of my work. My interest in the six country focus is high because of that. It’s also high because I want to approach HOPE61 in Australia (And New Zealand!) with purpose.

HOPE61 is here not only to raise awareness of human trafficking and equip the Australian and New Zealander Church to reach the vulnerable, we are here to build a team of people committed to that vision. This means mobilizing people to work in-country and people to go overseas. As I develop a mobilization strategy for HOPE61 to use in the next year or so, I am taking into account the whole of HOPE61’s international goals, OMS New Zealand’s special interests, and OMS Australia’s six country focus.

It’s also exciting for me because of that burden I’ve had for nineteen years. The place I’ve tried and tried to get to, but God’s always said “No.” or “Not yet.” Europe. There are two European countries on the list and Ireland is one of them. (!) This all fits in so well, as God often arranges things, with something He spoke to me last year. I haven’t shared it on the blog yet because it was, and is really, still developing. Now I think I can see more of it, and I look forward to writing about it soon. For now it’s incredible to pray for the future Australian missionaries OMS will send out…and how HOPE61 can be a part of it.


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