2015 Review

In my upcoming January newsletter (Now at OMS HQ for final editing.) I share three major highlights from the past several months of ministry in Australia and New Zealand. (I can send it to you by email or by snail mail, so if you do not receive it but would like to, let me know!) Here, I’ll just give you a quick highlight from each month since my return to the southern hemisphere.

Australia 2016 160

I arrived in Melbourne on the second-to-last day of the month!

HOPE61 had a booth at the Belgrave Heights Christian men’s convention. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce a whole heap of my “target audience” to the ministry of HOPE61.

I caught up with ministry contacts from my first year of ministry in Australia – and New Zealand, by email. God put me in touch with one of them in a miraculous way.

A teammate and I trained a potential Ukrainian coworker over Skype, opening the way for (We are praying.) building future HOPE61 work there.

This was a month of preparation as I helped plan for OneWeekend and prepared for my first trip back to New Zealand.

I made my first trip back to New Zealand since 2013! The OMS NZ directors helped me to restructure my approach to HOPE61 ministry in the country, dividing up responsibilities in order to lessen the intensity of a role with us. Directly following, two people were mobilized to join the in-country team as a promoter and a trainer.

The preparation for OneWeekend intensified – it was less than a month away!

OneWeekend finally happened. Twelve participants joined the OMS Australia team at a camp to discuss questions like, “How does God speak?” “Should I go be a missionary as a single person or wait until I”m married?” “What about fundraising?” and more. Just before this I spent a week in New Zealand to train our new team members.

I used this month to think through big questions, sort out details like emails that needed answered and editing a few documents here and there.

Praying and thinking about what 2015 was like – the new responsibilities I have, the things that went wrong, and the things that went right – I decided that the HOPE61 Australia & New Zealand team should have a new action plan for a new year. Or perhaps it is better called a new set of guidelines, new priorities. In the first six months of 2016 the word guiding us is “strengthen.” After January’s newsletter comes out, I’ll explain that further.

Happy 2016 and thank you for all your support in 2015!


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