92%: the Right Time

Winter doesn't happen like this in Melbourne. York, PA

Winter doesn’t happen like this in Melbourne.
York, PA

If you follow my Facebook page, you’re already aware of my location: Greenwood, Indiana. I’m back at One Mission Society (OMS) headquarters until I reach 100% of my funding (Currently @ 92%, or $3,112/$3,395!) and am granted the visa I need to return to Australia & New Zealand. (Any day now!)

In some ways it feels as though I’ve been back in America forever:
I no longer “lift” the end of my sentences.
I’m used to driving on the other side of the road again.
I’ve seen my sisters, parents, grandparents, friends.
The heavy cream isn’t pre-thickened.

But when I think about leaving, or when my parents dropped me off at the airport to come out to Indiana, it feels as though it hasn’t been long enough:
My best friend & her husband are about to have a baby!
Other friends are dealing with loss.
My youngest sister is already in her third year of college.
Root beer exists in infinite and varied supply.

I can’t imagine this paradox of travel and homes will ever change.

Well, chapel is held twice a week at OMS HQ. Today being St. Patrick’s Day, our president told us about his recent trip to visit OMS’s work in the UK and Republic of Ireland. My soul stirred a bit. For years I’ve shared on this blog about my long-time burden for Europe and in more recent years, for Ireland specifically. As I traveled this summer, many supporters asked if that is still on my heart. Yes, and I am assured that God will lead me there one day.

When I first arrived in Australia (Over two YEARS ago…! I feel so weird.) I was determined that things would work on my own, personal, speed-of-light calendar. In my original hopes, I would be working with HOPE61 in Ireland right now. My epiphany is this: before the time comes for Ireland, the time now IS for Australia & New Zealand; it is for completing the work there, devoting my time and energy to those countries for their own sake. It’s not stealing my effort from Ireland, rather, it is in God’s mysterious working that this point of my life belong to these two places. From the point of His speaking in a small caravan in Melbourne, I’ve gradually learned to be more content with where I am and what I’m learning. I’m more mature than I was two years ago and I’m less mature than I will be (I hope) in two more.

Today I’m near to my return Down Under. Only three obstacles stand in the way, and I truly need your prayer and action to help me overcome them. …Let’s take a moment to be really happy about that. Thirteen months ago, a whole pile of obstacles stood in the way. This is extreme progress, man. Woohoo!

1. 8% of funding to go, or $238/month in faith promises.
If you want to know what a faith promise entails, see THIS blog post.

2. A visa approval.
It’s been in for over a month, now we’re just praying for it to come through – and soon! This week.

3. My missing passport.
On my last night at my parents’ home in PA, we tore the place apart looking for it. It’s not where I last remember putting it, nor in the places I didn’t expect. Also praying for it to be found this week.

Two OMS friends, at different times in different places, encouraged me to be confident in God providing the passport. And of course, that’s true of these other thing as well. I’d love for you to be a part of my team by praying for these requests specifically. These are the little things that our majestic God can take care of in no time.

p.s. Between February 28 and March 8, God increased my funding from 74% to 90%. This last 8% will be a cinch.


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