The Next Step Forward in 2015

Perhaps by now you know that I have a problem — a problem with finishing certain projects in a timely manner. (Others of you will learn this next week, when you receive a Christmas card from me.) One of those projects is the holiday series here on the blog.

Thanksgiving: “3 Ways Thanksgiving Dinner Can Fight Human Trafficking
Christmas: “Ramah & the Christmas Story
New Year’s: This very thing you are reading. Finally.

I’ve been called to Europe, burdened by slavery…

I live in Melbourne, Aus. & travel to Hamilton, NZ. (maps found via Google.)

Melbourne & Hamilton, my new hometowns. (maps found via Google.)

…and directed into a vocation I’d planned on avoiding. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that missions was the first thing I wanted to cross off of my “potential careers” list.

Fighting human trafficking? Yes. In grade school I recognized that justice was what I felt most passionate about.
Doing this in western and central Europe? Definitely yes. I was seven years old when I first felt the burden for that place come to rest on my back.
Missions? Uh, no thanks. But in my senior year at Houghton College, God called me to Himself again — and as a result, into missions.

In 2013, Australia and New Zealand unexpectedly became parts of my life and Europe was put on hold. My faith was unexpectedly forced into a little growth. Three months turned into a year, and the vision grew, too. While I first planned just to promote a better understanding of HOPE61, it soon became more. It became about preventing the demand for sex trafficking; mobilizing the men of the Australian and New Zealander Church to seek justice in a culture of pornography addictions and legal prostitution. On reflection, I can see that the whole year was needed to build the relationships and trust that now exist.

At the end of the year, however, it was also clear that the job was not yet complete. A key element of HOPE61’s work is to equip the national Church, establishing a culturally relevant prevention ministry. HOPE61 Australia and New Zealand are well set up to make this goal, but only if training and equipping can be completed. When I am fully funded and can return to the field, OMS missionary Tanya Susidko and I will make up the new HOPE61 Australia/New Zealand team.

In 2015, HOPE61 has the potential to make the next step. While I realize that this is God’s ministry, I believe it is essential to continue toward this next step as soon as possible. I am praying to be 100% ready to return to the field by the end of February. By God’s grace, Tanya and I will set the course to holding the first HOPE61 trainings in Australia and in New Zealand. These goals, though possible, will take hours of work. Faith will again be forced to grow a little, but so will the vision. I’ve experienced what it’s like to live a year by faith, faith at a level I might not have pursued if God hadn’t put that path before me, and I do not regret it. Would you consider experiencing a new kind of faith this year?

>>If in 2014 you supported my ministry in one of these four ways,
>>then in 2015 would you take the next step?

If last year you were a part of my team through
I am so grateful for your support in the spiritual battle that is fighting modern day slavery. This year, would you consider praying and fasting for this ministry each month? For some it may be one meal, a day, or a specific activity in place of food. Comment or email me at catchcolorjustice [at] if you’d like to receive my email news & prayer letters.

If in 2014 you supported my work through
I thank you for keeping my spirits up. This year, would you commit to sharing a blog post or email each month? When others join the story, the team grows stronger. Comment or email me at catchcolorjustice [at] if you’d like to receive my email news & prayer letters.

If you previously gave
these gifts increase the “cash” in my ministry account and help me reach the required amount to return to ministry. Thank you for your generosity! This year, would you consider making a monthly pledge of $10, $25, $50, or any other amount? See THIS new post for the details.

If in 2014 you made an annual or monthly
thank you for making this sacrifice. Consistent support keeps this ministry going. This year, would you consider sharing the story with 6 people you think would be open to joining the team in one of these four ways? Share THIS funding page or THIS official OMS profile.

2015 is the perfect year to grow in faith, and see another step made in the work to halt the growth of modern day slavery. It is my calling to establish a strong, culturally relevant ministry of human trafficking prevention Down Under – but we do it as a team. Together, we’re all in for an adventure!

*I’m now at 100% of the cash requirement & need just 28% of monthly faith promises. ($963 more per month.) See THIS post if you want to know more about monthly commitments…and if you’ve always thought you didn’t have the budget to do it!


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