6 Things About a Faith Promise

First, some happy news: as a result of three speaking engagements last weekend, “cash” is now at 100%! From now on, one-time gifts will be divided by 24 and counted toward monthly pledges.
See my Facebook page for a better idea of how one-time gifts get a new lease on life.

100 percent cash update

Even more happy news: yesterday a supporter increased their monthly faith promise, putting us at 73%! Just $913 more per month before I can be approved to return to Australia & New Zealand.
monthly pledge updates

Ever wonder what all these numbers are for? See the FAQ.

It can be a little disconcerting to think of committing to something on a regular basis, particularly when it involves money. What if there’s an emergency and you need that money? What if the person or organization you give it to just wastes it? Is it better to save it? And didn’t you work hard to get it in the first place? You could mull over these questions day after day. Here’s another one to add to that list. What’s the difference between a monthly pledge and a faith promise? 

When you commit to a monthly pledge, you might analyze your budget to see how much you can afford to give. Depending how important the cause is to you, you may even take extra hours at work or run fundraisers; but the amount of the pledge you make will probably be influenced by what you are financially able or willing to give (or give up).

Usually, a faith promise is influenced by the same circumstances. The deciding factor, though, is what you are willing to trust God to provide. Your responsibility extends to the place where God extends His provision. If you commit to $25/month, but He does not provide that, you are not responsible to give it. Before even deciding on the amount you may spend time talking with God.

Here are six important points about making a monthly faith promise to any good cause.

1. Not everyone can or will give.

No, not every person in the world is supposed to join my ministry team. Where you invest your money, your heart often goes to rest as well. There are countless issues that deserve your money, your prayer, your heart. Human trafficking is one of, not the only.

2. That’s OK.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a “No” when you ask God if making a faith promise to a ministry is the right thing for you to do. Nor is there anything wrong with deciding to commit your resources to another issue.

3. A faith promise is not about your budget.

As previously mentioned, a faith promise is not about what fits into your budget. It’s about what you’re trusting God to provide. Pair wisdom and responsibility with new steps of faith.

4. God blesses faithfulness and generosity.

There have been so many times that, logically, I shouldn’t have been able to pay my bills, eat, and do ministry…not to mention give money to others. But God has always (and I mean always) provided me with what I need. And I’m not the only one with this testimony in OMS!

5. Never underestimate the value of your faith promise, or the potential of your talents.

Friends and monthly supporters have contributed financially to my ministry in all sorts of amounts, from $5 to $100. No amount of one-time or monthly faith promises is too small for God to use. Then there’s your talents and connections. Do you have a small business? Work for a company that would be willing to give toward the prevention of human trafficking? Like to host friends in your house, cook, or even “like” and “share” on Facebook? Any of these things and more can be used to reach fundraising goals.

6. One step of faith leads to great adventures.

Whether it’s becoming a missionary, going back to school, moving somewhere new, or doing anything with faith that God is leading you, adventures will happen. I know some people who can jump right into these things. Others (myself included) begin the journey toward these adventures with smaller, consistent steps of faith. A monthly faith promise is just one way to do that.

You can be sure that giving in faith is addictive in the best possible sense. When I saw God provide the little that I committed in one faith promise, I realized that I can trust Him for a lot. More than money, God proves Himself to us in every day. From daily bread to guidance, peace, conviction, and strength when you think you’ll never move again…our God is capable of more than we can imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)


Would you please pray about joining my team by making a faith promise of $10 or more? If you have questions or concerns that this blog post didn’t answer, please contact me! If you’ve already decided to make a monthly faith promise, you can do so online HERE or contact me for other ways to set this up.


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