Australia Day Giveaway = Australia Tote


Well, it’s more than time for a catch-up post…but for now I’ll just say that I’m hoping to be back in Australia & New Zealand sometime in February! Funding is picking up a little bit, but I still need all the support I can get. Not just in the form of finances, but in prayer and encouragement. If you want to know more about what I do, see the page “Join the Adventure.”

Human Trafficking is too big for one of us.
Together, with the grace of God, His Church can end the demand for sex trafficking.

One of the fun ways you can contribute is by entering this Australia Day giveaway. It’s already January 26 in Oz, meaning the holiday is here. I’m giving you the chance to win this foldaway Australia tote for yourself or to pass on. Tote has kangaroos and a design inspired by Aboriginal dot painting. (Giveaway unfortunately only available in the US.) WP_20150125_011

Go to this —>> Entry-Form


2 thoughts on “Australia Day Giveaway = Australia Tote

  1. I think on principle I’d have to go see the Sydney Opera House. But I’d love to see all the fun animals, like Trinity said…especially the kangaroos!!!

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