Who I’ve Said “Yes” to

I tried to think of a clever way to say this, but I can’t come up with anything good…so I’ll just be straightforward! October 19th was set as my goal to reach 100% funding. It has passed on, my funding has not.
In other words, I will not make it to Australia this weekend.

america 001

Sometimes the road does go ever on and on. And on and on. And on. Fairfield, PA

One big thing that happened was my MSR (missionary support requirement) was raised last week. It was a sort of combination of miscommunication and a lack of it; it’s now at the amount it should have been all this time. I wasn’t informed that it should have been at this amount, though, until now. In addition I also have an amount of “cash” to raise. The cash has been necessary all along, however, I focused on monthly pledges because it is typically more difficult to reach that goal.

To be honest it’s been a difficult week or two. And even more honestly, “difficult” is an understatement. Funding is already hard work, especially doing it by yourself — but suddenly having the MSR rise was like a slap in the face. It kind of made me want to hide under a blanket and never get up. Every day has been an exhausting battle wherein I fight intense discouragement, but try to go about my life, and to convincingly share my burden for the exploited and enslaved…and my dreams to prevent the demand for trafficking from growing. Not just enough for people to be moved mentally — but enough for people to be willing to commit themselves in some form to the cause.

I realize that rough funding dayz (See what I did there? Adding the “z” makes me cool.) and daily spiritual battle are some of the challenges I signed up for when I accepted God’s direction to “Go.” I knew going in that this could happen. But I’m also sure I’m not the only missionary who hoped it wouldn’t happen. Or who, having gone through it once already, hoped it won’t happen again. I must not be the only missionary who attempts to thwart this potential struggle by planning, scheduling, and lots of speaking. I must not be the only one who sees these attempts fail. And, I must not be the only one to realize that perhaps it is just further evidence that this is God’s work, God’s timing, and God who I’ve committed my life to. More than the abolition of the modern day slave trade, more than Europe, or Australia, or New Zealand, it is God who I have said “yes” to.

So even though I’m really, really tired right now, I’m going to keep on keeping on. I’m going to try and find some energy. This past week I was at OMS headquarters and received some coaching on how to make sure I stay emotionally/mentally/spiritually healthy during these especially frustrating times. My discouragement is weakening, strength is winning. Slowly, but surely. God’s word, God’s people, and God’s presence are helpful in the endeavor…and so is my stubbornness to be back Down Unda’ this year. Even next month.

Soon I’ll have more on my next goal date for 100% funding & departure! And some new ways you can get involved in prayer & financial support.
As always, feel free to ask my questions! Thank you so much for your encouragement throughout this journey.


2 thoughts on “Who I’ve Said “Yes” to

  1. Keep looking up. He never has failed us yet. Joyce and I are on our 38th year with OMS and we stand in awe the way God has supplied our needs. He is faithful!!!

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