Just as it Was Told Me

The only words I can think of are, to be honest, kind of lame.
What I’m trying to say is that God is awesome.

Recently I was encouraged by a reading from “Edges of His Ways,” a devotional written by Amy Carmichael. Carmichael was an Irish missionary to India in the 1900s. By all accounts she was a little difficult to live with, but she was unbelievably dedicated to stopping child prostitution in the Hindu temples. The September 16th reading pointed me to Acts 27. In this part of the Acts story Paul is on a ship, ultimately bound for Rome. A storm threatens to destroy all cargo and every life. Paul comforts the crew by revealing that an angel had come to him and promised that no one would die.

“ ‘Therefore take heart, men,’ ” said Paul. “ ‘for I believe God that it will be just as it was told to me.’ ” (Acts 27:25)

If God wills that I am on that flight to Australia come October 26, I would have been in America over eight months. That’s more than four times the amount I’d planned. Can I just have a moment to say again that following God is the craziest of adventures? You really never know where, or what, or when, He’ll take you. I just want to give you an update as to where I’m at in returning to “the field,” and take the time to praise God for what He’s done and what I know He will do.

After I discovered an error in my MSR (Missionary Support Requirement), my funding requirement decreased from $3210/month to $3143/month. That, and several new supporters, have raised my funding meter to = 67%! Woohoo!


$2,103/month promised out of the         $3, 143 that OMS requires me to have.


I’m closer than ever to my goal. If just 34 people each chose to give $31.43/month to my ministry, I would be 100% funded. For the first time since I’ve joined OMS, being fully funded doesn’t seem so impossible. Would you please join me in praying for these 34 new supporters? Or even pray about becoming one yourself?

34 people

OMS works with what we like to call faith promises instead of pledges. When you make a faith promise, you are trusting God to provide that amount for you to give toward the ministry He’s led you to support. Maybe you look at your budget and find no leeway, no room to donate anything even if you wanted to. A faith promise is about asking God what He wants you to trust Him to provide. The responsibility for provision is on His shoulders, which is exactly where it belongs. Of course it sounds a little illogical. Faith doesn’t make great sense from a human perspective. But I can tell you from personal experience that a.) God honors faith promises, and b.) He will use one to increase your faith to even greater levels…if you let Him. He’s taught me to find joy in giving that I never knew existed.

Please also pray for my visa, which I’m still waiting on. Partly through my own procrastination, partly because of slow funding until recently. (I had to put my departure date down, but it kept changing.)

I believe what God has told me, and He’s told me to return to Australia & New Zealand to finish my job. My goals are 100% by October 19 and departure on October 26…and they finally seem possible!

*For more information on how you can give, see THIS page.


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