The Bad News & the Good News

More things I love that I get to experience while I wait to return to Australia & New Zealand…
North American summers
North American doughnuts
North American forests
North American county fairs

North American view-from-the-front-porch goodness.

North American view-from-the-front-porch goodness.

The Bad News: I will not make my hoped-for July 22 departure.
The Good News: An October date, well supported by leadership, is in the works!

The Bad News: I can’t go to Vanuatu with the Bongers.
The Good News: Mama and I saw the Bongers at OMS HQ a few weekends ago!

The Bad News: I will be unable to make a mid-September event that HOPE61 Australia was invited to attend.
The Good News: I have a teammate, Tanya, who will cover for me & begin her work in Oz!

The Bad News: Funding is still lacking.
The Good News: It’s at 47%, an all-time high!


This will have to be short and sweet, since I’m still dragging myself out of a writer’s block pit. Maybe just this will get me back in the game…
Hopefully a longer update tomorrow!


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