3 Ministry Goals

Here I am, in America.

In my original plans, I would have been back in Melbourne right now. In God’s plans, not so. I really don’t mind, though. It’s nice to have a little more time to visit friends and be with my family.

Some people ask,  “What is a normal day like for you?” And the truth is, a normal day for me is not terribly exciting. At least, not obviously so. Every email, coffee meeting, phone call, and researching is a way of accomplishing my ministry goals — which I, as a goal-loving, list-making weirdo, am pretty excited about.

So a normal day? It’s all about these three things…


…Aussies and Kiwis to serve with One Mission Society & HOPE61 both at home and abroad. Meeting with the McGregors, giving HOPE61 training over Skype to the Susidkos, meeting a Kiwi girl at a South Auckland cafe, spreading the word about our need for a second team member in Thailand — these are all a part of that goal.

I always thought I would hate this kind of work, but I love sharing HOPE61’s vision and the ins and outs of the OMS family. I like one-on-one and smaller meetings. Recruitment is a bit of a roller coaster. Sometimes you pour a lot of hope into a person and it falls through, but you’ve still made a connection.

Patricia, Australia prayer leade

Patricia, Australia prayer leade


…of local churches and congregations. Showing the “Nefarious” documentary to small groups at churches in Wantirna and Mt. Evelyn, meeting with long-time OMS supporters in New Zealand, Patricia stepping up to pray for HOPE61 in Australia, and joining the Unshackled team are all part of this goal.

Prayer is vital because this IS a spiritual battle. Networking gets the word out there about HOPE61, human trafficking in Australia and New Zealand, and connects our ministry with people who could support us in the future when we’re planning events or need to take a step forward.

Sharing at EastWest college in Hamilton, NZ.

Sharing at EastWest college in Hamilton, NZ.


…to prevent the demand for sex trafficking. This is what drives everything else I do in Australia and New Zealand. In the past year, through goal #2, God has given me the chance to build a base that would hold this fledgling work. Presenting a proposal to a church in Wantirna, being invited to work with the men’s ministry at the Horsham Downs church, these are the places I will work from when I return.

Tomorrow I’ll get in-depth about my vision for this ministry, which focuses on the men who are vulnerable to fueling the supply and demand for sex trafficking. The supply will never run out as long as the demand is allowed to flourish. That’s happened long enough. Today is the day to stand up and refuse to see more daughters and sons, mothers, and fathers, enslaved.


Would you join me in praising God that I will get to speak with at least two new churches/groups this month?
Please join me in asking God for my new visa to be completed & to come through quickly.

AND check out this awesome new funding status.

Would you consider making a monthly faith promise and joining me in ministry? A faith promise is between you and God. Instead of budgeting what you think will work, a faith promise is about trusting God to provide that amount each month. I have experienced His provision in faith promises and so have others on my support team.

A monthly faith promise of $32.10 USD is equal to 1% of my funding requirement!
Would you consider making a pledge of that amount today?

For information on joining my support team through prayer or finances, check out THIS page.


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