How this Blog Made Me New Friends

The first week I was in Australia, I got to meet Amelia, an amazing woman of God who served in Fiji for some time. She had read my blog and still leaves me comments. (Hi Amelia!) In November she’ll move to Melbourne and marry into the Lau family, who I’ve mentioned before. In other words, I get to see her again!

Getting to meet “a reader” was a supremely cool experience, a little surreal if you think about it, but altogether a positive thing. I never imagined I’d meet someone who had read my blog. Then, a few months ago, I heard from another young woman who had one way or the other stumbled across the blog. Emily S. and her friend Malorie had been planning a trip to Australia that would include a few days in Melbourne.

Emily S., Malorie, Kiana C. and I spent some time in the Yarra Valley. Malorie and Emily are Americans, dedicated to their faith in Jesus, and all around fun to be with. They were kind enough to bring me the shampoo bars, graham crackers, & Swiss Miss cocoa mix that I have been missing.

Emily & Malorie, thanks for taking some time to meet up with Kiana & I! You are really cool people and I was  energized by your visit. Hope we meet again someday. : )

Emily S., me, Malorie

Emily S., me, Malorie

Me, Kiana, Emily S., Malorie @ Yarra valley Chocolaterie

Me, Kiana C., Emily S., Malorie @ Yarra valley Chocolaterie

Failed attempt to visit Seville Winery.

Failed attempt to visit Seville Estate.

The concept that people who I’ve never met read this blog is completely fascinating and a little intimidating! If you read but have never said anything, please comment or email me at catchcolorjustice[@]…I’d love your feedback or just to hear from you.


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