“For HOPE Thailand” & “What’s in a Name?”

August and September are preparation months. They are strategic months. They are administrative months. Because…October and November are happening, hip, scheduled months! Here’s what I/HOPE61 in Australia am/is up to.

For HOPE Thailand
(October 26)

Found around the great ocean of the internet.

Found around the great ocean of the internet.

This is a fundraiser & recruitment event all in one fun Saturday. HOPE61 Australia is holding a fun fair with face painting, a photobooth, baked goods, and all those lovely things. I’ve never had an October Down Under before, but I’m guessing this is one of the best possible things that could happen in the month. (Of course I’m not biased! What are you talking about?) This fundraiser is designed to raise funds needed to send a teammate to Bangkok with Bethany to serve with OMS & HOPE61 for two years.

The event on Facebook HERE

Please pray…
That I will be patient & understanding as I wait for replies regarding help with this event.
For plenty of volunteers to bring friends, gather supplies, & run a booth the day of.
For confirmation on what space I’m using so I can put a location on the invites.
A young woman from Melbourne willing to give 2 years to missions.
LOTS of attendees & funds raised for human trafficking prevention in Thailand!


What’s in a Name?
(November 15)

Created by Rhian Pearse.

Created for HOPE61 by Rhian Pearse.

This is an art show prompted by the theme “What’s in a Name?: Glimpsing the Identities of Today’s Slaves.” Hosted by Unshackled and HOPE61, this is a creative way to get local artists and writers involved. We’re inviting artists to submit work from this theme, with the option to donate their work to a silent auction as a part of the evening. We’ll be inviting individuals and groups Unshackled has worked with in the past and sharing more of HOPE61 and Unshackled’s work to the community.

See the event on Facebook HERE

Please pray for…
Plenty of buzz via social media and otherwise.
More submissions to the show — grateful for the awesome submissions so far!
Successful networking to lead to increased involvement in fighting back against modern day slavery.
Us to accomplish everything in time & do it well.


In other news, I’ve hit my 6 month anniversary with Australia! What whaaaaat! While we have the normal issues of every couple, Australia & I are happy together. We’ve reconciled the fact that the honey moon is over, but we’re still committed to a flourishing relationship.

Celebrating with a day in the Yarra Valley with Josie & Kiana C. Picture by Josie.

Celebrating with a day in the Yarra Valley. Me, Josie, Kiana C. Picture by Josie.


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