Held in Tension

I have a system. Scoop all of the honey into the bottom of the teacup. Pour in a tiny bit of chai, stir the honey until it dissolves. Add more until the cup is full. Every few sips, I add more chai so my cup is always full. The honey lessens in flavor over time, but the strength of the chai increases.

Soy chai, good for the tastebuds.

Soy chai, good for the tastebuds.

Today the elder Bongers (Ian’s parents) are painting the OMS office in OMS colors. We’re all excited to see it, and I think everyone is glad that Ian declared a public (for OMS employees, anyway) holiday while the painting happens. I’m hanging out at NewHope Baptist Church’s cafe. It’s a nice bright, open space, great food, and I’ve already had friendly greetings from people I met while working on Unshackled.

One of those people, Jess (coordinator of Unshackled), said a phrase in our conversation that perfectly describes the state of my mind: “held in tension.” Issues like feminism, romantic relationships, and what matters in the fight against slavery – and particularly the way the Church deals with these – are held in tension for me. That’s caused me to do a less than stellar job of updating this blog of late.

Now I’m determined to explore these tensions, as they’re held, instead of passively eyeing them from a short distance. Stay tuned to this internet space! In the next month or so you will see…

*Real discussion on what’s harmful (and helpful) about Christian dating/relationship books like “Dateable” and “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.”
*How TV shows like “Bushwhacked” are helping me learn the metric system.
*What’s important in the human trafficking fight?
*Marriage thoughts before I’m married.
*What do sexy images actually have to do with trafficking?
*Going beyond culture shock – why does Australia get me at my core?
*Missionaries to western culture…am I for real?

and more.

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out.


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