Strongholds & the Unshackled festival

I wasn’t planning to post again this week, but then this came up & I had to share.

Sometimes I feel like I understand what John the Baptist meant when he said he was not “worthy to loose” the straps of Jesus’ sandals. (Acts 13:25) Lately those times come when God uses my spiritual gifts.

Sign at the Unshackled festival.

Sign at the Unshackled festival.

On Monday, as a part of the Unshackled festival, we had an invitation-only forum on the Nordic (also called Swedish) model. This criminalizes the purchase of sex and provides extensive care for those prostituted and trafficked. In Sweden this has been an incredibly successful venture, cutting human trafficking by staggering amounts. Countries like South Korea have taken up the mantle and countries like the US and Australia are discussing it.

Speakers provided the reality of vulnerability in Australia, especially among those prostituted. They also expressed frustration at the Australian governments lack of effort in curbing this problem and being real with it; being real that men in Australia are buying sex from slaves. A speaker from the Salvation Army (or “Salvos” as they’re known here…Australians love to abbreviate!) put it powerfully and directly by looking us in the eye and saying,

“Let’s not pretend this isn’t an issue in our congregation.”

During this time I began to pray and God revealed to me a stronghold. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. I grew up being taught the truth and reality of spiritual warfare, but it still shocks me. God showed me the massive height and weight of this stronghold.

But where God? I asked. Where is this? I know there are strongholds in many places, but where was the one I was supposed to be praying against?

I don’t know how to describe exactly the way God speaks to me. But when He does, I KNOW it. He showed me. The government.

I felt vulnerable, as if I was standing in the middle of an empty field with lightning filling the sky. This stronghold is immense. I am still blown away at realizing it. As I prayed that afternoon, I prayed a song we’d sung in church the day before (Must note here God’s direction, because I went to a church I don’t normally attend.).

Every high thing must be broken. Every stronghold must come down.
–Darlene Zschech

And I knew I was blessed with this insight. And I felt “unworthy to loose” the straps of His sandals. Who am I to see this spiritual war? Who am I to know what is hidden from the naked eye? Who am I to pray about this? I accept this privilege as His child and His loved one…but I accept it with trepidation; carefully, reverently, but boldly asking for more.

Will you pray with me?
“Every stronghold must be broken. Every stronghold must come down.”


3 thoughts on “Strongholds & the Unshackled festival

  1. WOW! Yes, I will gladly pray with you. That sounds like such an incredible moment. God has such huge plans for you! I admire your obedience and hope that I will respond with the same willingness when He calls.
    I remember when I thought missionaries were just for Africa…

  2. As long as your heart is open, you will feel the powerful strength of warfare. It’s an almost devastating feeling and would be without the Lord. May you never allow the doors of your heart to be anything but wide open.

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