“Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air”

Even as I present this for your consideration, I feel prompted to tell you how much beauty means — the beauty of art, of living, of simple things, of complicated things, of hoping, of happiness, of picnics and hobbies like bird watching. Every day I wake up and deal, in my own way through HOPE61, with slavery. It’s enough to make a person old  and crippled before their time, because this is a darkness that can suffocate.

But I love being alive. If you and I fight for justice but leave no beauty for those who are now in chains, then it’s a sad lot we offer them once they are free. I want to excitedly take them by the hand and show them the joy of Jesus and the things God hath wrought… colors, oil pants, the thrill of adventure, gardens and the sound of a guitar, a thousand varieties of trees, the magic of words, the grace of dancing, the doors of learning, late nights watching movies with your sisters or best friends.

Those are the reasons I fight for justice, too.


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