A Pet Elephant

I also said I wouldn't speak in front of a lot of people on any regular basis.

I also said I wouldn’t speak in front of a lot of people on any regular basis.

Things I said I would Never do:
1. Go to Africa
2. Go to Asia
3. Date someone younger than me
4. Go overseas alone
5. Drive on the other side of the road
6. Stay in Australia longer than four or at most six months
7. Go anywhere but Europe right after college

…and many other things that have only a matter of time to come up again.

What Actually Happened:
1. I became sensitive to the complex beauty of Africa; my first tentative assignment as a missionary was to Mozambique.
2. Got two separate assignments to the Philippines.
3. I had a relationship with someone younger than me.
4. I came to Australia alone.
5. I just drove to the office. On the other side of the road.
6. This four month trip just turned into a year.
7. I think we all know the story here.

Maybe now, given my experience with all of the things I didn’t want to do, a few of those things I dream about will come to pass…

Things I Think I’m Due for Now Given Life’s Craziness:
1. Chocolate and candy to rain from the sky. My dream since I was six.
2. A brief time as a happy, warm, kitten. When I was eleven I wanted to be a kitten.
3. A man. Older than me. Norwegian-Australian (Australian citizen.) Irish accent. Loves justice.
4. Toned muscles just by working at my desk.
5. A chauffeur so all that driving stress flits merrily away…
6. Magical dissolution of my student loans.
7. A pet elephant that will never die & can grant wishes.

P.S. Meanwhile, would you please pray for God’s provision of a car? I was blessed with a loaner car for the past three months but need to return it now. With appointments and distances of varying times and lengths, public transportation isn’t practical long-term. I know God will keep providing! Please take a moment to pray over this with me.


3 thoughts on “A Pet Elephant

  1. Love it! Candy should rain from the sky, but I want to know about it ahead of time. Just to prepare from the pelting as it rains down.
    Will be praying specifically for the car situation. Being without a car is terrible. I pray that God resolves this for you quickly!

  2. Great post! I’ve learned over the years to stop saying I won’t do certain things, especially to the Lord. Every time I told him “I’ll do anything but that”, that’s exactly what he had me do. But I’m glad. It’s helped me stretch and grow.
    I am praying about the car for you. He will continue to provide. He is faithful.

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