Cultural Adjustment Proves I’m a Baby

Nothing like getting sick – even a little – in a foreign country to lose your sense of calm and control!

These guys haven't lost it. (Healesville Sanctuary)

These guys haven’t lost it. (Healesville Sanctuary)

Though I’m feeling mostly better now, this past week I’ve had this cold. I know what you’re thinking. So what? A little cold? A sore throat? Sinus headache? It’s not THAT bad. And I agree with you, it really isn’t. But those you who know me well also know that  a few symptoms of illness, especially combined with the pressure of a busy schedule or a new place, can throw me off the nice train and into Grumpy Town. (Yes, that’s a real place.) When I get sick I’m a complete baby. I have no maturity. I’m whiny.

Australia, I just think we need to see other people.
I’m at a time in my life when…
It’s me, not you.

It’s just culture adjustment.

It’s just that sometimes not being able to find parking the first time I drive through the lot is enough to make me go home and forget the whole thing. It’s why I’m furious at you for putting Woolworth’s inside of a shopping centre. Why can’t it stand by itself? Why do you have to assault me with a mall just so I can get groceries?

I’m sure my cold is the reason that I’m so angry that three DIFFERENT people at the Hungry Jack’s drive through tried and failed to understand my accent when all I wanted WAS THAT BURGER TO BE A DOUBLE because if I have to cook I will hit someone. And I’m sure it’s my cold/cultural adjustment that makes me want to suddenly swerve into the other side of the road just to make a personal statement about which direction is which. AND WHY WHEN I JUST WANT TO SIGNAL LEFT DO MY WINDSHIELD WIPERS COME ON.
*breathes heavily*

OK, I’ll be fine. I think my minor breakdown will dissolve once I get rid of this cold. And I’m glad the Bongers went to Hong Kong for a few weeks, because my weaknesses are now STRIKINGLY OBVIOUS. Yay, now I can improve myself. Right? RIGHT?!

OK Australia.
Let’s get back together.
I didn’t realize what a good thing I had until I lost it.
You make my life worth living.
yadda yadda.


Really, I do love it here!
But it’s a bit of an up-and-down journey. I guess that missionary life. I guess that’s life in general!

Now excuse me as I go self-medicate with a cheeseburger. Maybe I’ll fake an Australian accent to be sure my order’s right. ha ha. ha…


4 thoughts on “Cultural Adjustment Proves I’m a Baby

  1. I hear ya. I’ve been laid up in bed the past two days with something awful. Thankfully I have sweet angels of mercy stationed around me tending to my every need. ;) It helps the sickness when you feel looked after .. praying you get better – quick!!
    (PS and not only that – but the camera battery charger I brought over is not mine. so I have no camera. and my laptop charger just died. So I can only surf on borrowed time. yay for kindle!! ;))

  2. Yeah, being sick is the pits, even when it’s something you’re familiar with, like a cold or the flu. And being sick in a foreign country is much worse. There was one year when i went with TK and a group to Honduras that i thought we’d done something really right: We had a ‘sick house’ where we could bring a student who was ill and one of us stayed there with her/him. The company of someone familiar may have been the most important thing.

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