Is it Enough.

The other day I saw this person. Now I can’t forget them even a little.

I saw her in a video, a promotional clip for a documentary on human trafficking. It doesn’t really matter which one. What matters is her. This seven or eight year old girl being filmed by an undercover agent investigating a brothel full of child slaves. I’ve seen dozens of videos on trafficking. I’ve seen this footage before.

The agent asks, “You can do boom boom?”
(meaning sexual intercourse. or more accurately – meaning rape.)

This girl faintly nods but keeps taking her eyes to the floor.

He says, “Boom boom is OK?”

She looks up and though her eyes are blurred to protect her identity, you can see the set of her mouth. The sadness – muted by hopelessness.

“Yeah.” she says in an empty voice. “Its OK.”


I’ve been thinking about that girl a lot. I’ve been thinking about her answer.
Every time I play it in my head I want to rage. I want to rage against everything. I want to grab her away and scream so hard that I lose my voice



Last night was a hard night because my mind was confronted with frustrations of all shapes and sizes. When I woke up to daylight I thought about that girl again. I played that footage in my mind & played my reaction in my head. I kept hearing my own voice screaming “No, it’s NOT OK!!!!” over and over.

Then I was thinking about being a missionary and what that means, specifically one working with OMS and HOPE61. I thought about what I’ve been able to do in the US, what I’ve done so far in Australia.

I thought of my desperate feelings for this girl’s situation and then I was hit like a ton of bricks at imagining how GOD must feel. No, I mean it. Really, truly, imagining just a small portion of what God must feel.

Then the question came to my mind.
“Is it enough?”
Is it enough.

Yes I know it’s not about what I see with my naked eye. God is the keeper of the harvest.

BUT Is it enough?
I got my answer.

If there are still men, women, and children in chains and living without the freedom of Jesus Christ then NO.

If a little girl, somewhere, anywhere, is looking up at a grown man and without any life in her voice forced to give only one answer because she has no other choice, then NO.

I am not doing enough.


Now I have to get confrontational, because I have that girls face and voice in my heart.
Now I have to ask you something.

Is what you’re doing enough? 


Are we all supposed to be missionaries leaving our homeland? No. But we’re all responsible.

I am responsible for slavery.
YOU are responsible for slavery.

So is it enough?


Starting today, I’m going to figure out how to do more. Somehow I need to, I have to, fulfill our goals here. And beyond.
I don’t know what that means, but I need your support. Please pray for me. If you think God is calling you to give financially, feel free to ask me questions.

I know God has put me here, in Australia, with HOPE61, for a purpose. God wants to do more with HOPE61 and I need the wisdom for how to do it. Please, please pray for me.

I need to be radical. 

Because No.
If a little girl somewhere is without freedom, without the hope of Jesus Christ, then No.
If slavery still exists and people are still at risk of being chained, then NO.

This isn’t enough.


Normally I don’t push my blog on anyone. But I’m going to ask you to please, if this had made you think even a little, share this post with someone. On your twitter, FB, whatever. Do it in your own words if you don’t like mine.
But please ask yourself and ask your friends: Is it enough? 



2 thoughts on “Is it Enough.

  1. I understand what you are going through. When I first moved to SE Asia, I was working with kids who had been abused. It made me want to vomit what I saw on a daily basis and I felt such an urge that time wasn’t enough.

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