Mission: Australia

This wasn’t my plan. I was terrified to sell candy bars to raise money for ballet – now as a missionary, all of my support comes from others.
No. It comes from the God who created, sustains, was, is, and will forever be.

My relationship with my support and your relationship with giving must be vertical. It’s all between me and God, you and God. If we begin to rely on each other instead, we’ve both missed the point. When I ask you to pray about supporting me in human trafficking prevention, I do this in hopes that you will pray. As much as I need funding, I really want you to understand God’s will for your life. Maybe He’s asking you to give to another missionary or a different organization. But I hope you will do it all with the knowledge that your gifts are worship to GOD alone. I want that joy for you!

Fundraising is not the main purpose of this blog but it is a part of my life. I’m so grateful God provides me with part-time work when I’m in need, but He has called me to be dedicated 150% to HOPE61 ministry. I cannot do it without full funding and without your gifts to God.

Thank you, more than I can express, for cheerfully giving to God! He uses you to provide for me, and in turn, ensure freedom for those vulnerable to modern day slavery.

In the US…
1. He used you to write pamphlets HOPE61 can share in countries where trainers work.
2. He used you to create regular HOPE61 blog posts, sharing our ministry with many more people.
3. He used you to meet with college students searching for a way to share the Good News of freedom – spiritual as well as physical.

In Australia & New Zealand…
1. He will use you to advocate for freedom as HOPE61 moves to Australia & New Zealand.
2. He will use you to raise up those who love Him, who want to give everything they have to His work.

Goodbye, Indiana...time for a HELLO Australia!

Goodbye, Indiana…time for a HELLO Australia!

Tomorrow I’m going to Australia. I’ll be on the field but your gifts to God are still vital. Even as I begin work there, I would ask you to please continue sending in your monthly faith promises and one-time gifts. If you have never given to my work with HOPE61, would you please pray about it?

Today I found out I need an additional $3,000 to stay for the month of May. A large human trafficking awareness event, which I will help to plan during the other three months, is held in May. This is a priceless opportunity for HOPE61; last year 1,000 people attended the 5-day event. This year we want to give them a way to DO something: OMS & HOPE61.

If you want to be a part of this through monthly or one-time gifts, you can give online HERE or contact me for more information.

Any questions? I’d love to talk with you! Leave a comment so I can get in touch. Thank you for your offerings to God, no matter where He directs you to give.

…and think of me tomorrow around 2 PM EST, won’t you? Adventures begin!


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