What We Lack in Materialism, We Make Up for in Crazy

On New Year’s Eve my family finally had Christmas. I’m back in Pennsylvania for the entire month of January. My younger sisters had decided to wait for my return before exchanging presents, so we literally walked into the house and sat down for the presents. No one would let me wrap anything – I gave out gifts in plastic grocery bags. Happily, my family lacks materialism, so nobody minded.

My family's version of a professional portrait.

My family’s version of a professional portrait.

Besides working at least twenty hours a week for HOPE61 I’m doing what fundraising and networking I can before I leave this continent. The next three Sundays I’ll be visiting three different churches to give a short presentation. Two of them are already supporters, so I’m looking forward to giving updates on what has happened since I left for Indiana last June.

I’m very free on weekdays, especially evenings, so if you are part of a small group, Bible study, prayer group, youth group, family, or if you as an individual would like to hear about what I’ll be doing in Australia and Ireland, please let me know.
Summer 2013 is also being scheduled…and I’m willing to travel!

People have asked what I need in preparation for Australia (and two weeks in New Zealand). I’m so appreciative for how caring you all are. Really, there are just 3 things:
1. quality power adaptor :: good for Australia as well as Europe.
2. books/magazines on Australia :: modern culture & history
3. books/magazines on New Zealand :: modern culture & history

#1 is probably obvious. Who would want to fry their laptop with a giant surge of electricity? #2 and #3 are great ways for me to gain insight and prepare for ministering in a new culture. The more I learn about Ireland, the more I realize the importance of that kind of knowledge.
If you’d like to help with any of these items, leave a comment or send over an email. Thank you again for asking!

Each new year is inevitably a time for resolutions and reflection. I mentioned once how God has proven to be there, and here, with me, no matter where I am or what has changed. Another way I’ve been preparing for Australia is by reading the Bible not asking to be taught, but looking for who God is. I’ve read Ezekiel before, but reading it with a purpose has made me notice new things. God looks at the past, present, and future of a nation and culture, and He sends followers to those people purposefully. Sometimes the followers are from that nation. Or other times, like me, they’re foreigners. That means God is sending me to Australia and briefly to New Zealand with all of their history and future in mind.

What a God, hmm?


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