Feliz Navidad!

Christmas 2012 letter




One thought on “Feliz Navidad!

  1. My dear Emily. Thank you for the Christmas card! I need to know exactly when you will be in York..here’s why. Bill and I have returned to West York Church of the Brethren and they’ve started a Vision team to see where the church is going. After 2 years of hardship and heartache when the two pastors were asked to leave, it took Bill & I that long to forgive and open our hearts again to the church. Well the church is not going anywhere because of the past hurt so they formed a Vision team to help see what we can do to “move on!” We meet Jan 6th and I want to bring up “supporting missionaries,” especially you who was once a member. I also want to ask if you could speak at a church service to tell what you’re doing. I mean you wanted a group of people so here’s at least 50 :-) Let me know what you think and I will talk to the Interim Pastor King to see what he thinks. I would also like to take something in to show about Mission One. I don’t have anything on hand, would your mom have something? Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas. Call me…779-5111and we can talk about it! Love, Linda

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