I’m Drinking an Orange-Mango Smoothie. I Have No Better Title.

Since I’ve been back in Greenwood my life could be described in these sentence fragments: doctor’s office. 4 prescriptions. feeling horrid, feeling better. two kinds of stromboli. Thanksgiving with the Odens! cold apartment, nice friends. etc.

It may be an odd shape, but it tasted delicious.

Yes, I’ve been having some health issues that made me feel like this:

But thanks to a nice doctor, an awesome nurse, and good friends, I am beginning to mend.

Today I received the news that Ian has secured a place for me to live while I’m in Australia! It’s not too far from OMS HQ or from the Bongers’s house. It sounds like the perfect thing.

I will be there the entire month of January. I’m planning “A Night in Ireland” events that will feature food, fun, & a deeper look at what and where I’ll be in Ireland. If you’re interested in hosting one of these events or would just like to meet up sometime while I’m home, let me know!

–Honestly, I feel left behind from my own blog lately. I was so sick these past few weeks and it’s thrown everything off at work and on the internet. Now that I’m feeling a little better I hope I can catch up. I have a few blog posts already planned, including “Greenwood vs. York” and “A Rebellion Proclamation.” Keep an eye out and as always, hope you & yours are doing well!

A glimpse back to the warmer days…

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