New Vision Week 2012

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New Vision Week at Houghton College is a missions-focused week featuring representatives from several missions organizations, special Chapel speakers, & special activities/events. This year’s theme was “Immeasurably More” — ‘God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.’ (Ephesians)

The Marshalls, OMS missionary family in Ukraine, were there talking about English camps. I focused on HOPE61 within OMS. Here’s a few sentences for each day…

Met the other “reps” and set up our tables in the basement of the campus center. (Later we moved them to the first floor.) One fun couple from World Gospel Mission had a super smart, super cute, baby girl.

Being sneaky.


Mango Lassi, made by Becca (NVW co-coordinator) & I!

At Chapel there was the annual flag ceremony, which included testimonies from students & missionaries sharing how they’ve seen God do immeasurably more. That evening the NVW staff hosted a multi-cultural event with food from around the world (courtesy of Houghton’s TCKs & international students), games, henna, dancing, & worship all with an international theme.

I got to give a short devotional in two different classes: “Justice & Evangelism,” and “Obedience.”


My display table

Seminars by the missions reps including “Media & Missions,” “English Camps & Evangelism,” “Women in Missions,” and more. I was fortunate enough to hold two seminars. The first, “Human Trafficking & Missions” was completely full. When I say it’s by God’s grace that several people showed interest in HOPE61 and in how missions and anti-trafficking are inseparable, I mean it. In a classroom of 26 students staring at me, I’m not naturally cool. The second seminar “True Justice: Justice as the Core Aspect of God’s Character” had a more comfortable number of 7 students. We had a great discussion on God’s passion for justice — and what it means beyond mere action. I felt so blessed.
Earlier that morning I was able to give a short devotional on “Prayer” & how it’s invaluable to missionaries.

I gave two more devotionals in two sections of a Cultural Anthropology class, on “Jesus & Vulnerable Women.”

Nailing confessions to the cross & leaving them there.

The highlight was a Praise & Prayer event sponsored by GCF (Global Christian Fellowship) & organized by NVW team. There were several stations including building an altar of praise, praying for the clubs & organizations at Houghton, nailing confessions to the cross, & others. It was like a spiritual retreat.


The Murphy girls! Sally (graduated with me) & Allyson (Freshman)

For most of the day I met with friends & even a girl from one of my seminars. I would have expected to discuss missions/ministry with people I didn’t know — but actually, every single lunch, supper, or coffee I had this week was an awesome renewal of friendship and reminder of God’s intricate weaving.

That morning the Marshall’s (Randy, Shelley & their 3 boys)  let me tag along on the drive down to Harrisburg for the OMS Northeast conference. The Marshall’s are AWESOME. I can’t wait to be a part of OMS Europe & maybe visit them in Ukraine someday. I took a few pictures while I waited on Heather’s porch. (As per tradition I stayed in her Spare Oom.)

my new dress

yellow house in morning light

luggage to go

Being at Houghton with no homework was lovely. Meeting up with wonderful friends was lovely. Sharing the passion God’s given me for anti-trafficking, missions, & justice was also lovely.
Essentially, the whole week was BRILLIANT.


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