Catch + Color Justice

I’m pleased to present my new & improved site,

“Catch + Color Justice.” 

This is the result of efforts on the part of my sisters, Kiah & Hannah, and awesome friend Brittany. They helped me to find a name that would better fit the adventure God has placed me in. You will also note changes to the “about,” “hope61,” & “prayer for ireland” pages. An OMS Ireland video & the HOPE61 video are featured.

And a big thank you to Maggie, a lovely artist who was commissioned the artwork you see at the top of the page. She did it all within a week!

Now that I’m legit, domain name  & all, I just want to thank you for reading this blog. (And on that note, a shout-out to Amelia, a missionary in Fiji who has been reading my blog & sent me a wonderful message about it.) I’ve gotten more emails, messages, & comments than I deserve. THANK YOU! I love to write anyway, but it’s awesome to know that you are following what’s going on. All glory be to God.

You guys are groovy.

another sneek peak of the whole picture by Maggie

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