I’m a Missionary and I Want to Start a Food Fight

Most of the time I’m content to be here at headquarters, preparing for Australia and for that wonderful day I get to be where God’s called me to: Europe. I like it here. I’m happy to see pictures, talk with people from those countries, and in the case of Ireland to learn a bit of the language.

Other days (like today) I can’t stand it. There is nothing I’d like better than to hop on a plane right now & be standing on different soil. I want to be “on the field” so much! Definitely on my short-term trip in Australia, and definitely x100,000,000 to be in Ireland. I’m in the mood to start throwing mashed potatoes and peas at the other kids in the cafeteria.

Lately people have been reminding me that I’m young. Even people only 5 to 8 years older than me. Right now there is bound to be someone out there dying to tell me, “Well, you know, not everyone means anything by it, and you ARE young, and five years can seem like a big difference, and that’s five years more life experience, and –“

BUT it would be unwise at this juncture to proceed with your premeditated actions. I may resort to throwing pies…

I am not pining for age; I love being 22. But I also know I have a place to be. I believe God has the best timing for me to be here or there, but I also know He’s given me a love for Western Europe and especially Ireland right now, enough to bring me to say:
“If you want me to give up everything, my whole life, for the people in that place – I’ll do it. I want to.”

That’s hard to contain on days like today, when the rest of my department is away or out of the office. When I’m grateful to have a car to borrow from OMS, but wishing I had my own so I could just drive away and think, as long as I wanted to. When I’m happy to have my own desk but I still need a change of atmosphere to get anything done because I’m so antsy.

My job is to be honest with you, so there I am. I don’t think any one of you wonders if I’m human or not but now you know I’m VERY human…down to the whininess!
So I’m grateful that God still loves and takes cares of humans, including you and me.
He still loves and calls us to abundant life, and the day I board a plane for Ireland I will OVERFLOW with JOY.

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