Light Bulbs Underfoot

I wouldn’t advise you to crush a light bulb with your foot. But someone did that in a music video I watched yesterday; sparks and smoke went everywhere. That’s what I want to be. A spark, a curl of smoke, going everywhere! Not for my own sake but for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For justice in His name.

If you’ve ever asked me what I’m doing with my life and walked away confused, you’re not alone. So have I. Hopefully this handy-dandy timeline will help us both! This is a simplified timeline of the missionary journey since my calling first in November 2010.

*Open in a new tab* if it’s too small to read. Please comment with any questions or confusion that still remains – and feel free to ask for the backstory on any of these events. Notice the final point…the short-term trip to an affiliate country. Before I tell you where it will be, let me tell you how and why.

During CROSS training I met a family from an OMS affiliate country where they are the executive directors. An affiliate country is a place where we have offices and probably send missionaries from, rather than to. This family and I got to know each other. I usually sat at the same table during training and just came to love the Bongers: Josie, Ian, and their kids Kia & Kiana. They are awesome people. They are spiritually aware, true friends, forthright, and real.

Everyone in CROSS training learned a lot, not only about cross-cultural adjustment but about becoming incarnational in ministry. I think everyone left inspired to be on the field! Ian is looking to recruit more people from his home country to go out as missionaries with OMS. Because the Bongers got to know HOPE61 while they were here, they wanted one of our staff members to come to their home country & work with churches in the area. This would not only introduce, or re-introduce, many people to OMS but also to HOPE61.  In many ways, it will be a small taste of what I’ll be doing in Ireland.

I think this short-term trip will be helpful in two ways:
1. I pray it will somehow further missions in this affiliate country
2. I will be prepared better as a HOPE61 trainer headed to Western Europe!

Just a reminder – the reason I’m not going to Ireland now is because I am still praying for a teammate. Please pray for that with me. So. WHERE will I be from February ’13 – at least May ’13?

Thiiiis place:

And thanks to Brittany McGillick for sending this to me!

Or hopefully it will be more like…

My calling is Ireland. My calling is Western Europe. I can’t WAIT to go there! But since I can’t be there now, I’m really, really, really psyched to get to go to Australia & hang out with groovy people like the Bongers. Woot woot!

I will be there at least 4 months. (Reference the timeline)

This is AWESOME. I hope you all agree. : )
Any questions?
Comment, call, facebook, or email!


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