Incurable Fanaticism

In the face of injustice, why should anyone be glad?

In the eyes of the boy affected by genocide – who literally saw his family slaughtered in front of him, in a holy place, a church – why should anyone rejoice?

In the heart of the man tortured and imprisoned without cause for ten years, why should you or I offer praise?

Why would we hold laughter in our souls, knowing a little girl was caged and forcibly prostituted, today?

No. There is no earthly reason to bless or worship. No reason for joy in human hearts. Until we come face to face with real hope. During Hope61 training in June, each trainee presented chapters from Gary Haugen’s book, “Good News About Injustice.” Chapter six is titled “Hope in the God of Moral Clarity.” The furiously just heart of the living GOD is where hope is found…enough to make us glad, rejoicing, praising, and laughing! It is more than enough for us alone, but enough for the victims of human trafficking, too.

1st: God’s holiness is severe. (Ezekiel 1:27-28)
It is not a wishy-washy goodness, or a pushover type of “good.” He is so completely pure in holiness that –
2nd: God’s anger towards sin is more than that – it’s wrath. (Romans 1:18, Hebrews 12:28-9)
Sin is an abomination, an utterly contrary thing to the nature of the Living, Triune God.

Wait – sometimes we look at God’s wrath, especially in today’s world, and even though we’re only human beings we write Him off. If God is wrathful then He must not be the kind of God we want, I often hear. But injustice is sin, too. Injustice is the abuse of power and God is entirely furious against it! That gives us hope. God isn’t passively looking down at injustice and shedding one single tear. He is looking down at injustice, shedding tears for the broken, and raging against the evil. Free will is something the western world loves, that individualistic ability to do whatever we want, whenever we want. That same free will is more, it is a gift from God & He intends for us to use it to seek justice. (Isaiah 1:17)

“Standing with my boots deep in the reeking much of a Rwandan mass grave, where thousands of innocent people have been horribly slaughtered, I have no words, no meaning, no life, no hope if there is not a God of history & time who is absolutely outraged, absolutely furious, absolutely burning with anger toward those who took it into their own hands to commit such acts.”
–Gary Haugen, founder of IJM

As another part of our training, we held a viewing of the human trafficking documentary, “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.” In my opinion it is among the best documentaries on the issue. (Contending with “Sex+Money: a National Search for Human Worth.”) At the end of the film the narrator brings up William Wilberforce, a man who gave his heart to God and therefore, his life to justice.

I want to show you a piercing quote from Wilberforce, but first I must say this, give you the connection between everything I’m writing to you here:

If God is so holy, and so, from the very core, just – and if we are called to be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:14-16) – then our hearts should burn with passion to see the slave made free.

We never have to “get over” injustice. We never should.



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