Welcome to Moe’s!

A couple of weeks ago, the last intern left OMS headquarters for the summer. *tear*

Becca, Kayla Jo, & Jessica went through HOPE61 training, wrote a High School curriculum for HOPE61, worked on the Middle School curriculum, & taught the HOPE61 children’s Sunday school curriculum.

It was an extremely dry summer…when we thought we saw clouds, everyone hung out in the driveway! L to R: Noah, Becca, Kayla Jo, Emily J., Jessica

Nathan created a video for HOPE61, something we were in sore need of to show at churches or events. This took him hours of interviewing, creating animations, editing the footage, conducting focus groups, & working with very difficult equipment.

Noah & Nathan at my surprise party…clearly, partyin’ it up.

On this mini-road trip, we almost drove off the road. Literally. The road suddenly ended. Boom.

Emily J. worked in Communications all summer. She started the OMS blog, learned to edit prayer letters, gained more experience in journalism, and was even recruited to apply to OMS….and a few days ago, she received her acceptance letter to return to OMS as a missionary journalist!

Emily J. & our trip to Broad Ripple.

For the 4th of July the Odens took the interns (plus me!) to Nashville, Indiana. It is a super cute town in the middle of the woods!

Noah was between Marketing, Mobilization, & Communications this summer. He created surveys for OMS’ donors and compiled the information into reports on how our new branding is perceived & how to get the name & cause of missions out there further. He also wrote an incredible report for Mobilization, giving an in-depth explanation of the best way to recruit our generation for missions & how to reach them for Christ.

We were all excited when it             finally rained!

The whole OMS family went to a baseball game.

Natalie & Chelsey spent most of their time in Member Development, specifically with the Missionary Kids ministry. During the first month they painted, cleaned, and moved around all kinds of furniture to finish the new MK center! In July the girls assisted with the Cross-cultural training for the MKs while the parents were in CROSS training.

Post-nose piercing, all part of the                              Broad Ripple experience.

We spent so much time together — cooking together, worshiping, swimming, playing in the sprinkler, praying, drives to really good music — I’m proud of them for all their hard work. These are truly amazing people!

I miss you guys already!!

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