“In a future day there may be ways, but
I must say the skies
have never looked so clear!”
–Relient K

Clear skies are the best way to describe my feelings today. Clear because I am an open book. I feel like a newborn baby albeit an extraordinarily self-aware one. I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much possibility here, at the feet of the Father. Here, at a place only God foreknew.

Today I talked with Joyce (our current director) to decide on a plan for the next year or so. The goal and calling is still that one day I’ll be in Europe, especially Ireland to start.

Meanwhile, beginning today I am beginning a temporary office job. No, I never saw that coming…seriously! I’m going to be working with HOPE61 here at OMS headquarters. This summer our interns created high school materials and helped with middle school materials on anti-human trafficking. There is also a children’s material that I’ve spent the last few weeks teaching in a local church. Right now, while I’m at headquarters, I will be taught how to call and connect with churches “cold turkey,” trying to get this material into those places. In many ways it is similar to what I’ll be doing overseas one day.

I will also help with events coming up…particularly one this fall!

One of the reasons I’d been planning to be in the Philippines for this next year was to gain some experience that would translate into personal stories. Several missionaries here thought that would help me in raising prayer and financial support for Europe. They still encourage me in that direction, and I agree, so – I’m also taking a short term trip (3 to 6 months) overseas. I’m not sure of the details, but I will be putting into practice what I learn to do here at HQ, and again, preparing further for the day Ireland happens.

Thanks to you – your prayer, your encouragement, your emails and notes, your financial gifts to God’s work. All OMS missionaries, whether working overseas or at headquarters, raise their support. I just never expected to be a homeland missionary!

Thank you for your love and support. I can’t stress enough how much I value what you’ve given me. I also can’t repeat enough that I would love to hear your prayer requests, to talk with you by phone, or hear from you by email. 

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