Intro to: a fun week

I find it pretty impossible to explain the past two months – to myself. I’ve been struggling with how to, then, explain it to you. In these situations I’m not the best…sometimes I shut down and mull them over for weeks…but I don’t want to put you off any more. Forgive me for that!

This is my last week in the States and I want you to be caught up before then. I’ve planned several things to write you about. So FYI, it’s going to be a fun-filled week for this blog. : )

The past three weeks I’ve spent 9 or more hours a daily with a fantastic group made up of Australian, American, Chinese, British, Irish, & Canadian friends. Every single one of us gets along. We’ve all agreed that our learning during this time has been multiplied by the multi-culture perspective of our group. There’s just one word for that: groovy!

This week I’ll be writing about things from HOPE61 training (the Church’s role in trafficking, for one) and from CROSS training (how not to lose it on the field…), and much more. Hope you’re ready! Feel free to call me while I’m still around & ask any questions you’d like. Talk to you again soon.


driving out in Brown County

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