Got Me in a Spin, but Everything is A-OK

Among the things I never expected to have are a cubicle and a work email. But now I’m writing you from a desk surrounded by movable walls and I’ve been checking work email for the past two four months!

I’ve been here at OMS headquarters since Sunday. I train with 4 other HOPE61 interns and live with 2 Member Development interns. In a week, though, I am moving to a small studio apartment. I really like Chelsey, my roommate (She is a Houghton student & we should’ve been friends long before now), but I’m looking forward to having more space & I’m sure she is too.

THANK YOU for praying for me, hugging me, and sending me kind thoughts & words for the weeks leading up to my departure for Greenwood. It was harder than I can say to tell  my family good-bye. Talking with Lauren last night, I think she pinpointed it well. She and I both said good-bye to our families not for one or two years, but forever, in a sense. This is the start of being even more of a “grown up” (though an unconventional one) and starting what will be, unless GOD directs otherwise, a life of missions. Of living in different places and seeing each other on Skype more than in the same room.

I’d like to start sharing what I learn in training with you…obviously, God had already directed me to work against trafficking and injustice, but He’s constantly making that clearer. And He’s also showing again and again and again that it is your calling, too. No matter what vocation you or I are in, we’re both responsible for justice. It seems overwhelming and maybe too much to bear, but with God it is simply a beautiful way to live. Difficult. Hard. But I believe an essential part of being a Christian! Trust me, it will revive you. Soon to come. : )

Here are a  few pictures of what I did in my last days in PA, from hanging out with Brittany to my sisters to the lovely weather at home. As always, I hope you’re doing well, and I pray for you often.

home fence

around town

At Hopewell Furnace. We pretended Alex was there, too.

New glasses for Brittany

chai ice cream for me

Proud parents with the grad.


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