Young Folk

On June 9th my youngest sister graduates from high school. The next day at 4:30 in the AM I’ll be on the way to the airport for a summer of training at OMS headquarters. From the beginning I’ve been telling you all about the 3 months of training I’ll have before I go on the field in mid-September.

But life happens fast & you gotta keep up…

Around July 31 I’ll have finished both HOPE61 training and Cross-cultural training. And by the way, I’ll have squished specific country training into weekends. And also – that’s when I’m leaving the country.

WOAH BABY. I know. That’s a month and a half sooner than I expected! Leaving earlier will allow me to fly over with Lauren instead of by myself, since she’ll be back for her sister’s wedding around that time.  But that also gives me a tangible beginning and end to my time in the Philippines. I’ll be serving there for 364 days. Since I’m leaving at the end of July 2012, I’ll return at the end of July 2013. After that, I’ll fundraise to go to Europe for 2 years.

I’d like to give you all an update on my fundraising, but it’s being reworked since the decision to come back & fundraise for Europe after the year in Asia. It was finished yesterday & now I’m waiting for field approval…THEN at last I’ll have a concrete number.

Soon to come!

Lauren is now in the Philippines! Everyone got there safely & they’re settling in. Please pray that Lauren & Bekah (the girl working with her right now) will get over jet lag, stay safe, & that God will open the hearts of the Filipinos at Faith church to this issue.

Peace out!

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