When You’re Overjoyed to be Kicked Out

It’s a rare event when work is also a vacation. Spending this past week in Greenwood, Indiana (at OMS headquarters) for orientation was the perfect break for me! Sure, I spent hours analyzing my personality and how to effectively carry out my role in HOPE61 – and, yes, I took copious notes on the history of One Mission Society and its founders – and of course there were multitudes of minutes that quickly added up to layers of answered prayers. But it was all worth it.

I’ve likely confessed to you how tiring it can be to teach preschool. I love those kids, but my passion is not to be a schoolteacher. And, let me tell you, my already high respect for teachers has multiplied by 100! My passion is for human trafficking education & prevention, for the Holy Spirit’s presence, and for others to see and know God. Orientation was a huge step in the right direction…the welcome mat to OMS, in a way.

Bascially – I’m feeling legit.

I have quite a few stories for you, but I need hours to write them up! Meanwhile, I’d like to relay one of the marvelous ways God provides.

This morning my flight left Indianapolis at 6:29 AM. Lauren B. (again, my partner to the Philippines) and Sarah B. (also a funding OMSer working with the Every Community for Christ ministry) were kind enough to roll out of bed at 5:15 to take me to the airport…then, we missed our exit. We found it. We got there at 5:50 and I walked in to find a massive line at security; but the security guards were so friendly that the crowd of waiting passengers had picked up on it, too. A cheerful crowd at 5 in the morning? An awesome start to the day! I made it on the plane with 10 minutes to spare.

As the plane took off I looked down at Indiana and considered how I might return this summer. How do I need to budget in order to make it? Will it be a plane again? Car? Bus, if I can’t afford anything else? My first flight lasted a mere 45 minutes and I expected a 2 hour layover before I’d get to PA. Child’s play, you say? What happened next certainly made me as giddy as the 4-year-olds I teach.

My second flight: overbooked. The first seven volunteers to switch to a later flight would receive $31.00 in meal vouchers and a $400.00 flight voucher…later bumped up to $600.00…good for one year.

Why yes, yes I was the first person to the counter.

And I now know how I’ll get to Indiana this summer for my 3-month training. I will fly. For FREE.

All thanks be to God!



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