It’s Time

When I was thirteen or fourteen our church at the time participated in community Lenten services. Every Wednesday (Or Monday?) evening a different church hosted a service and meal. It was the first time Lent occurred to me as a part of the Church calendar. We went to churches of denominations we didn’t necessarily disagree with, but that we weren’t used to. We saw some of the same people at each service and made connections with other Christians that, even in our small area, wouldn’t have known existed.

Still, I didn’t make any new friends. I’ve not set foot in any of the other churches since. No, I can’t remember what the sermons were about. And I know that Lent is traditionally focusing on sacrifice. But I remember the sense of Christian fellowship in eating together. (Something I also learned from Love Feast, when we attended a Brethren church, but that’s another story.) The sense that these “other churches” weren’t so “other.” We were all devoted to God and His son Jesus Christ. We all felt that this time — this Lent — was  significant because of our faith.

This year I’m going on 22. One of my friends ( Lauren S. ) mentioned that she’s participating in Lent in a special way. Each week is focused on sacrificing ourselves in a different area. I’m really excited about doing this, too! More on this program tomorrow. Right now the question on my mind is…

What do I really think sacrifice is, anyway?

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