*Note: For those wondering why I’m obnoxiously posting every single day, it’s just temporary. I’m part of a month-long challenge to see if I can blog daily. This is my 3rd attempt & so far, so good!*

One thing I enjoy having as a part of my life is a good place to hang out, outside of my house (though I do love working at the desk in my room)…a place where I can get coffee…and baked goods…feel my creativity growing…and have free wi-fi…

At the Houghton coffeeshop there was always a hipster or two and 95% of the time the music was good. Even if I went to Angelica or Buffalo, I could find a great place to do some work at with my friends.

Panera has been a substitute for me these last several months, but it’s just not the same. There’s a great coffeeshop in town — but given parking meters, traffic, & parallel parking, I try to avoid the city. (Yes I know, missionary-on-the-field me is going to have a lot of adjusting to do!!)

But recently I found one in a little town just a few minutes away. The library, a good pizza shop, and more are literally down the street from it! Yet it’s all gloriously out of the city. I’m going to try it out tomorrow and see how things go. I have a good feeling about it. : )

No work tomorrow. The experiment shall commence!

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