Who knew that being a missionary meant taking so many get-to-know-yourself surveys and assessments? When I first applied to OMS I took the MMPI, which was  long and brutal. Now, to prepare for orientation in a couple of weeks, I took several brief “quizzes” in this book:

Then I took the 45-minute Birkmann questionnaire. The next day I was sent a (I think) 20-some page analysis. It was 99% accurate! Slightly creepy, kind of cool, and rather humbling in the end. It analyzes everything from my needs in stressful situations, how I respond to high stress levels, how I work in a team, to how I approach people, etc. Though I could offhand try to answer those things myself, the questionnaire is more blatant than I could be.

The earlier short quizzes we are instructed to take were meant to discover what a person’s spiritual gifts might be; and truly, they weren’t what I expected. But once I saw the results it made so much more sense than my own ideas.

From my own experience in life and from what I was taught when I was younger, I believe spiritual warfare is a serious matter. Knowing my spiritual gifts is a great part of that. In the most recent issue of Christianity Today, a part of their Global Gospel Project was the article “A Purpose Driven Cosmos” by Russell D. Moore. I like the way Moore put it:

Even our ‘spiritual gifts’ — so misunderstood in contemporary times as means for ‘plugging people in’ to programs — are kingdom resources. Your gift — whether mercy, hospitality, teaching, or encouragement — is a ‘spoil of war’ (Eph.4).”

Some truth to chew on.

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