Sisterly Weekends

This weekend my youngest sister (Hannah) and I are having a sleep-over. At our house. With 3 Redbox movies & a bunch of junk food! Wahoo!

We got “Jumping the Broom,” “One Day,” and “Midnight in Paris.” So far we’ve only watched “Jumping the Broom”…and it was…horrible. From the first scene. There were several ways the movie could have made it, but it chose to ignore all of them.

Annnyway, here’s a sampler of the food we’re going to eat up tonight & tomorrow! We’ll also make Samosa Pie & Chinese food. : )

French bread & Tribe hummus

Gleaned from the Olive Bar: Kalamata olives, feta, stuffed grape leaves, mozarella salad.

My uncle stopped by while we were eating these & told us a few "Nacho" jokes...haha.

Brownies made the best way -- from scratch!

Weird and gross, these are one of our favorite junk foods.

Yeah man…livin’ the dream! ; )

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