The Brightside

So I’d planned to post a recipe of mine, complete with pictures. I even had the words typed up. But then…I felt terrible all day with a scratchy throat and the like, so I had salad instead. Maybe tomorrow.

I hate to moan and groan on a blog because isn’t that what everyone does? But lately things have just been downhill, man. I’m exhausted from work and life – and that’s probably not helping my outlook on life! It makes every little mishap seem like a slight at me, specifically. Sometimes I feel like a crazy old lady. A cat lady. Without any cats to call her own.

This is one of those times when I miss – dare I say it? – that word overused at Houghton, but one that still holds a lot of goodness: community. I’m also aware that I’m vulnerable in every way, especially spiritually. When something happens to upset me (an idiot driver tailing me because he/she doesn’t read speed limit signs, someone close to me disappoints me, a kid at preschool having to be put in time out over & over, or when I forget I have a meeting & leave work too late) I know I can choose how I react. Am I going to have a good day? Or a horrific one?

Of course this is easier said than done but I’m going to keep pressing on.

Looking on the Brightside:
1.) Romantically speaking, I’ve yet to have a very good Valentine’s Day, BUT it is still one of my favorite holidays! Only 7 days to go. And is there any better place to be than a preschool for Valentine’s Day? Everyone’s mom brings cake/cards/candy.

2.) I finished one of my new books today.

3.) I found out how to retrieve all the Iron & Wine and Bon Iver songs I’d purchased on iTunes then lost.

4.) I don’t have morning sickness & I won’t be getting it for years.

5.) I know how to: read, write, walk, drive, speak, hold a conversation, cook, and eat.

6.) Nothing is trying to eat me. (i.e. dinosaurs, lions, or crocodiles)
Let’s hope for that soup recipe tomorrow!

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