The Sorrows and Joys of Packing, Part 0.5

Yesterday evening one of my sisters and I went to visit our grandparents. I’ve been looking for luggage that fits three requirements: a.) low cost, b.) hardside, c.) big enough. My grandpa pulled out two hardside suitcases that they’d last used in the ‘80’s…right up my alley: they’re  vintage and in really great condition. So last night I had it – the first of my pre-packing practice packs! (Say that five times, fast.) With the two suitcases, one carry-on, and my big purse, it seemed like everything would fit. And it does, sort of.

suitcase overflow

Tonight I’m having a second run. My sister and Mama think I’ll need to get a bigger suitcase but I’ve already emotionally attached to these suitcases! Ahhh! I know what you’re thinking – they’re just inanimate objects, Emily. What can I say? At least I know I’ll always have the capacity for affection.

So I’m looking for ways to roll clothes tighter and poking around my room for more things to give/sell/throw away. It’s interesting to consider that I’m not even taking the amount of stuff I took to college! An improvement, in my book. I’ve already listened to Matt & Kim’s CD “Sidewalks” and The Postal Service in “Give Up.” The latter is in no way prompting me to do that very thing.

Yes, I'm now in the fun position of having to borrow my sister's "Hello Kitty" CD player.

For a nice distraction, now and again I staple a link onto my paper chain. This is a countdown until June, the month I leave for 3-month training in Indiana! 115 days. And 26 days until I leave for one-week orientation! It’s nice to have something to look forward to. : )


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