Blessing Bumps

Last weekend one of my best college friends (Alexandra, a.k.a. Alex) and I were able to Skype for the first time in months. Last time I “saw” her, she was holding a positive pregnancy test up to the screen to show both me and another best college friend, Brittany. We were skyping in Panera, and we made quite a scene… At that time, Alex didn’t even have a baby bump! And Brittany and I were instructed to keep the news secret for a while.

If I didn’t know Alex is due in April, I wouldn’t have known to see her growing baby bump. And she would have looked the same as before. In other words – Alex looks amazing & is carrying that sweet baby like a pro.

Why the baby talk? To tell you something she said. Something that has nothing to do with babies (not directly anyway)! Alex told me that she and her husband, Greg, had spontaneously realized how many blessings God has given them. They made a list and worshipped God, thanking Him.

Brittany, me, Alex!

Let’s be honest for a minute: there are a myriad of powerful words that Christians use with nonchalance. “Blessing” is one of them. A blessing is a gift from the only true God, absolute Creator and father of Truth. Imagine that holy being giving us, personally, a gift. When you see a good thing that you know is in your life because God placed it there, and you say you are blessed – you are. And that’s huge!

At the risk of sounding like one of those people who makes cheesy “Thanksgiving Thankfulness” lists…here are 5 of mine.

Britt & I exploring the creek last May.

1. A comfy room that despite doubling as a laundry room, is all mine! Maybe it sounds silly, but there are few things I can soak up like the happiness of lying under 5 blankets, listening to Adventures in Odyssey, and having my own room. : )

2. A way to keep warm. At the program where I work, there are some students who live in shelters because they don’t have a home to stay in. It’s got me thinking more than usual about having the comfort of heat. We have a pellet stove and a wood stove. And I’m truly grateful.

3. A calling. I hope you’re not sick of hearing me say this, but I am still genuinely delighted and amazed to be called to be one of God’s children…and to use my life for His service.

4. A temporary job for this in-between time. Even when those cute little twerps (a.k.a. four year olds) drive me nuts, and even though I’m 150% sure I don’t want to be a teacher, I’m grateful to have a way to earn a paycheck. And grateful that I get to play and color all day!

5. Choices. In parts of the world, it’s a curse to be a woman and life holds orders instead of options. Women are given away, sold off, or fall into trafficking situations because they are viewed as less. I have choices for my life…and that’s not something to take lightly.

What’s on your list? : )


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