Lazy Friday

After being so determined to post daily this month, I forgot yesterday. I even planned what I would write as I lay in bed drifting off to sleep…
It’s 8 AM college classes all over again.

But, I’m going to keep it up regardless!

Every Friday I wake up and am giddy with the freedom of having off Friday-Sunday. The family literacy program only runs Monday-Thursday. Sure, you could say, “At least I’m making money on Friday, while you’re still in bed at 9:00 AM!” But somehow the pleasure of being left alone, and foregoing the extra stress, is all worth it.

I love assisting-teaching 4-year-olds. Yes, I often prefer them over “kids my age.” And it’s true, I find myself at home humming “There was a little turtle / who lived in a box; / he swam in the puddles / and climbed on the rocks…” more than I’d like to admit. But there’s also the time-out chairs, the crazy craft times, the helicopter parents, & the grumpy-for-no-reason kids that I’m ready to be away from when Thursday night rolls around.

With that said – our class is, generally, very well behaved. Their encouragement to each other is amazing to see (*puts hand on friend’s shoulder* “You’re a big boy, Samuel! You don’t have to cry.” *others chime in* “Yeah Samuel, you’re a big boy!”), and quite a few of them have remarkable intelligence. And my Spanish is getting daily exercise.

…But still. I looooove these 3-day-weekends!

One of the things I get to do on Lazy Fridays is read. Reading has been my favorite hobby since before I could read (I thought about it constantly & was devastated when, on the first day of kindergarten, we weren’t given books.) On a good day I’ll read 2 or sometimes 3 books. In college, the majority of my time was spent in meetings, class, socializing, or writing papers (much pointless busy work in that list of papers). Reading was scarce. Now I work and am usually wiped out by the end of the weekday…but Lazy Friday is here for me to read.

Lots of blogs have “features” posts; I’m starting one of my own. Every “Lazy Friday” I’ll review/discuss a book or author I’m reading. As a writer, I know more consistent reading can influence & inspire my writing in good ways, and I miss all the writing I did in college. And though I’m not sure how yet, I also want to include something about music, since that so often impacts the writing & reading I do simultaneously with a good tune.

The following are books I’ve been reading. One of them will probably appear in next week’s Lazy Friday feature: “The Next Christendom: the Coming of Global Christianity,” “Ireland, a History,” “Father Melancholy’s Daughter,” and “Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian.”


Tomorrow I’ll write a little about followers of Jesus being called to justice & how it’s a unique type of justice. I don’t want to tell you repeatedly, “we have a clear call to fight injustice” and never say where that’s coming from – plus, it’s a convicting, awesome thing to see, and I’d like to share it with you.

I hope you all can find some time for your own Lazy Friday/Saturday/Sunday!

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