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The Next Christendom: the Coming of Global Christianity” by Philip Jenkins


There’s something very…nice…about reading old textbooks. Can I be honest? It can be challenging to do all the assigned reading for five classes at one time, particularly when one is taking Writing, Literature, History, & Political Philosophy classes all in one fell swoop of a semester. So it’s been fun (or pretentious to some, such as my sister) to re-read, in their entirety, the textbooks I’d enjoyed in small (or teeeeeny tiny) pieces during college. The Jenkins’ book listed above is from the “Evangelical Roots” class I took as part of my History minor.

But enough about books! This is Day 2 of trying-to-write-every-day-for-the-rest-of-November.

The group at the first One Weekend, OMS headquarters.

On Thursday, Joyce & Bill Oden came into town. If you’ve been reading the blog for the last year, you’re likely sick of me explaining who they are. But I am never sure if anyone will remember! Anyway, Joyce is the founder & director of HOPE61, a.k.a. my boss. Besides being her husband, Bill also works in the funding department of OMS. They’ve served in the Philippines, Ireland, Hungary, & are now homeland missionaries. Basically they’re a powerhouse. : )

We’ve been planning their visit for a while, including a Home Meeting. Sound like a weird Christiany thing? It’s simple: I invite people I think might be interested in learning more about HOPE61, human trafficking & what I’d be doing in Ireland. Bill & Joyce add their own testimonies & support to mine. We host this in the house of a willing couple – and – a Home Meeting is born. Ours was held on Thursday evening at the Waring’s house. The Warings have supported OMS in many capacities since the 1960’s & this summer we met & they became a part of my support team, too! I’ve found their knowledge and encouragement to be invaluable.

Two of my friends from high school & one of the girl’s parents came, along with my Mama; 10 in all. It was the perfect group! I had so much fun visiting with everyone, eating fall-type snacks, & sharing my testimony alongside of the Oden’s. Joyce & I both told about that life-altering poster I made at One Weekend – the one that caught her eye & put my concern for compassion and justice out there in the open. It was funny to hear her side of things & then tell mine. In her version I drew a little better and in mine she reacted a bit more physically (i.e. grabbing my arm in excitement)…

(This is the post I wrote after One Weekend & the big decision: https://catchcolorjustice.wordpress.com/2010/11/20/maps-on-the-wall/)

They left on Friday after a couple of hours of breakfast conversation. Joyce told me more about Ireland, about the things Lauren & I will be able to see, places we should visit, & how easy it is to get around the island. (It’s smaller than I imagined at first. A few hours by train to the west side.) We also agreed I should be sure to emphasize the prevention end of HOPE61’s work. That IS what makes us unique. We are working in churches yes for awareness and even want to motivate & work with the Irish Christians to see action, but if one girl is taken from a brothel there are a thousand more in her place. There can’t be rescue alone – there must be prevention on the ground level.

Tomorrow (and I do mean tomorrow) will be a post on human trafficking in Ireland & more on what our ministry, Lauren and I, will look like in Dublin!


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