When It Rains It Pours — then Floods.

I finally found batteries for my camera — and just in time, too! All the hurricane-and-tropical-storm induced rains that hit us caused severe flooding a week or two ago. Fortunately, our house is on a hill, but the roads that lead out of our small town and into the city & bigger town(s) were mostly closed. The sight was both awesome and a little nerve wracking! All the roads are clear now, but here are some pictures from the stormy days…



















































The forests were flooded too. It all smelled & look oddly familiar, then Mama pointed out where we’d seen this before — the Everglades swamp!

The clouds were a beautiful sight to see, if somewhat ominous…

























































But we survived — and added one to our number. A tiny 1/2 pygmy, 1/2 boer goat was born! He is so cute & small. We named him Gingerbread George.


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